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Rapid assessment results on the condition of children with chronic disease during the conflict in Yemen

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The rapid assessment results conducted by Yemen children relief organization YCR on the condition of children with chronic disease during the conflict in Yemen, revealed that the lives of children with chronic diseases such as (Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia, Chronic Diabetic, Epilepsy, chronic heart diseases and

others)  in a real danger as a result of essential lifesaving drugs shortages. From the study results it is clear that the essential drugs for thalaseemia patients is running out estimating the recent stock is about 1800 ampules. In addition, the assessment results showed that diabetes drugs are almost running out and the stock of these drugs at the MOH and the importing company is approximately 53 thousand packets, which is enough for less than one month, where these drugs are essential and children could lose their lives if they do not receive these lifesaving drugs in time.

Based on these results it was our duty and responsibility at YCR to appeal to the MOH, UNICEF and ICRC to save the lives of these children.


We also appeal to the coalition forces lead by the Saudi Arabia and Ansar Allah (Alhuthi) to facilitate the access to essential medications and emergency assistance to enter the country before the deterioration of children health condition and other patients with chronic diseases.